For those of you that like to get out there

Because of the geographical and geological nature of Banks Peninsula, you can indulge yourself into whatever activity makes you tick and luckily for you we can help you find your happy place. The possibilities are endless, from swinging golf clubs to jet skis, hiking around Little River cottage tracks to hanggliding off the top of Akaroa, the peninsula has it all.





Terra firma your gig? Banks Peninsula has got it all covered


Banks Peninsula was once a rich mosaic of plant and bird species, which human interference all but destroyed. The few pockets which survive as public reserves give some idea of the diversity that once typified Banks Peninsula. Many of these reserves are easily accessible, being close to the Summit Road. All are worth visiting as most have short walks and great picnic spots 



Banks peninsula has some of the most diverse walks in New Zealand, the geological nature of the peninsula makes it ideal for exploring and taking in the scenery. Not only can you explore our wonderful tracks here at Little River Cottage but you may wish to do some of the heritage walks from the Village centre.

information on some of these walks can be found here : WALK



Banks Peninsula also caters for the keen cyclist and is a mountain bikers dream. The Little River Rail Trail is the Peninsulas most popular cycle way and is enjoyed all year round. For those fitter and more adventurous people, there are some truly stunning rides.


Information on these rides can be found here: CYCLE



Our wonderful Peninsula is full of amazing climbing areas and offers fantastic day climbs and challenging vertical overhangs, if you are the next spiderman/woman then this is the place to visit.


Information on climbs and grades of climbs can be found here: CLIMB