Sculpture on the Peninsula

The Peninsula

Sculpture on the Peninsula is a contemporary sculpture exhibition held every two years. It is the largest sculptural exhibition in the South Island and attracts both leading and emerging sculptors.



The Sculpture on the Peninsula was the vision of the late Geoff Swinard. Geoff gathered a group of friends together with different talents who formed a committee and later the Lombardy Trust to run this event. The Trust seeks to bring to the public an event that is representive of current art practice in New Zealand. This event would not be possible without the extended support and goodwill of the Sculptors, the Harbour Basin community and our friends.


Jane Downes "dalek" 

Jane Downes "dalek" 

Next Event

6, 7, 8 November 2015

Grand Opening

The Grand Opening will be on 6th November 2015

Open to the public

2015 event

Sat 9.30 am to 8:30 pm

Sun 9.30 am to 5:00 pm


$12.00 per person

Children under 12 free.

Sorry, no dogs.